Dear traveller

Welcome to Sweden, so much more than IKEA and ABBA, world class hockey players and strong freckled girls in long stockings.

Come. Breathe. Relax. Take a stroll with us down the narrow, winding cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, the unique medieval heart of Stockholm dating back to the 13th century, and indulge the cravings for lush, fine dining in first class designer’s furniture. Explore our endless forests and fresh water lakes under the Lappish midnight sun or the dancing Aurora Borealis and find out just how big an impact the surrounding environment has on our everyday life. Discover why we are considered the most innovative country in the world and how You can be a part of this creative hub of fashion, food, and fun.

Move to the rhythm of our borderless music. Join us in traditional celebration of the change of seasons, as we have done for generations. Follow in the footsteps of the familiar characters of Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, and sense the globality in the strong yet local settings that has made us world renowned pioneers of public welfare and personal wellbeing. You might risk falling in love with Sweden, but it’s a chance You’ll have to take.

We look forward to seeing You!

Did you know

the 9.5 million Swedes have the longest life expectancy in Europe  you can leave your phrase books at home when you go to Sweden as most Swedes speak English . The Stockholm underground is also known as the worlds longest art gallery as so many of its stations are adorned with the works of different artists

Stockholm is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges in Stockholm you can find the world-famous warship the Vasa built in 1628 and the world’s oldest open-air museum Skansen

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most dynamic foodie scenes and Stockholm’s restaurant scene is a melting pot of flavours from around the world. But of course the best of Swedish cuisine is served as well, often in contemporary interpretations we ranked second in Europe in terms of technological achievements . The Nobel prize founder, Alfred Nobel, is a Swede and he invented dynamite in 1866 . The Stockholm Globe Arena is the world’s largest hemispherical building and the world’s largest scale model of the Solar System. The most popular tourist souvenir is the road sign for moose-crossing. Every year a big amount of these signs are stolen from Swedish roads as souvenirs. Because Sweden lies at a high latitude much of the country has very long hours of daylight in summer and very long nights in winter.