Dear traveller

Welcome to Norway, home of elusive trolls and fierce Vikings, breathtaking sceneries and magnificent fjords, country powered by nature and nature by endless beauty.

From the very moment you set foot on Norwegian soil you will feel it. That sense of something unique. That feeling of unscaled pride in every one of us. Pride of our country, rich in so many ways, but richer like no other when it comes to beauty: the spectacular view from mythical North Cape towards the freezing Arctic ocean illuminated by the midnight sun; the awe-inspiring 604m drop from the Pulpit Rock towering above the Lysefjord in the South; the old stave-churches found along the scenic roads which carve their insisting way through mountains and glaciers; the particular timeless calm that coats the isle of Lofoten.

Come with us on the boat from Hellesylt to Geiranger and marvel at the cascading waterfalls in this UNESCO World Heritage sight. Take the mini cruise to the village of Flåm, hiding in the deepest fjord of them all, the mighty Sognefjord, and continue onwards to Myrdal with the Flåmsbana, manifestation of the most daring and skilful engineering in Scandinavian railway history. Taste the freshness of the ever-near ocean at Bergen’s flourishing fish market and learn about the profound connection with nature that is an innate quality in every Norwegian child. At the end of your journey please bring this serene spirit with you back home – this is our gift to you.

We look forward to seeing you!

Did you know

The Norwegian capital Oslo is home of the Nobel Peace Center. Every year in December the Norwegian Royal family and the cream of Norwegian society gather in Oslo Town Hall for the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony, a tradition dating back to 1905

During summer, the sun never sets in the northern parts of the country. Capture this magnificent experience before the darkness of winter arrives. The Sami are Norway’s indigenous people. Travel to Northern Norway to experience their culture. Learn to throw a lasso, or try reindeer sledding.

Because of the Nordic climate, Norwegian glaciers have “survived” until now, and are still a common sight. Norway has 1.627 glaciers, covering a total of 2609 km² .Due to the Norwegian Oil Industry, we are one of the wealthiest countries in the world

Practical information about Norway


Whatever the season, the Norwegian weather is liable to change from day do day.Remember that the weather and temperatures can change quickly, especially in the mountains. Late June to early August is when the weather is at its warmest. February is generally the coldest month.